Atlas Copco rental compressors are immediately available in the German-speaking region.
up to 500 kW – lubricated or oil free!

Atlas Copco compressors for rent –

in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Our subsidiary company air4rent boasts one of Europe’s largest pools of rental machinery. Atlas Copco compressors – both lubricated and oil-free with a motor capacity of up to 500 kW – and refrigerant dryers can be rented simply and at short notice from the air4rent locations in Hohenems (Austria) and Widnau (Switzerland) or from the air4rent partner companies in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Bielefeld, Dresden, Hessen and Hamburg (Germany) and Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bozen (Italy).

In the case of an emergency situation, e.g. compressor break down, or if you require a temporary increase in compressed air during a peak production period or for a larger-scale project, air4rent can supply you immediately with the perfect rental compressor.

Do you require stationary, oil-flooded or oil-free screw compressors, rotary tooth compressors, refrigerant dryers or adsorption dryers for a limited period only? Then air4rent is the right partner for you.

Emergency? Peak production period? Project? air4rent is your reliable partner when it comes to rental compressors.

No downtime should a compressor fail.

Has a compressor unexpectedly failed? Downtime can be an immensely costly affair. air4rent can deliver a fast replacement to help keep damages to a minimum.

Peak production period? No problem!

Have unexpected large-scale orders led to a production peak? With sufficient compressed air you can remain flexible and responsive. air4rent is happy to help.

Construction site? We supply compressed air to suit your needs.

Construction work in the pipeline? We’d be glad to be your partner. air4rent rents out compressors and dryers of all sizes for as long or as short a time as you need them.

Ordered a new compressor? Need one to bridge the time until delivery?

Have you ordered a new compressor and need one to bridge the time until it’s delivered? air4rent is sure to have a rental unit to suit your needs. You’ll have all the compressed air you need until your new compressor arrives.

“If you need compressed air for a limited period of time only, renting a compressor often makes more sense than buying one.”
Marco Grafl, Director, air4rent


air4rent has the perfect rental solution for all your compressed air problems.

Compressors with a driving power f up to 500 kW and 20 bar pressure and compressed air dryers with volume flows of up to 150m³/min – always in stock.

Atlas Copco rental units in top condition:

  • Oil-flooded compressors up to 315 kW
  • Screw compressors up to 20 bar
  • Compressors with variable speed drive
  • Compressors with integrated refrigerant dryer or adsorption dryer
  • Oil-free compressors up to 500 kW
  • Refrigerant dryers and adsorption dryers

Select a rental compressor online and calculate the rental price.

air4rent has the perfect rental solution for all your compressed air problems.
On the air4rent website you can see which rental compressors are currently immediately available in our various locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You can even calculate the costs on the spot by simply entering the volume flow or compressed air requirement and the estimated length of lease. Alternatively, a member of the air4rent staff can help you select a suitable unit on the phone or on the premises.