Atlas Copco GA45VSDFF, GA50VSDFF, GA55VSDFF, GA75VSDFF rotary screw air compressors

The thorough needs assessment

Real savings rely on facts. Atlas Copco GA45VSDFF, GA50VSDFF, GA55VSDFF, GA75VSDFF consultants assess the air demand profile of your application and suggest the best compressor selection for the job.

The experienced partner

Atlas Copco is the world leader in compressed air technology, with over 135 years of experience in air compression systems.

The right core technology

Atlas Copco GA45VSDFF, GA50VSDFF, GA55VSDFF, GA75VSDFF masters every compression principle and provides the most energy efficient technology for the required pressure and flow.

The integrated design

Internal pipping, integral air dryer, integrated Variable Speed Drive, 100% matched components, consolidated controls… they only way to ensure total reliability.

The best drive arrangement

Fixed speed machines are fine when they can run at full load most of the time. But when air demand fluctuates, the Variable Speed Drive can achieve substantial savings of up to 35%.

The complete solution

Compressors, dryers, drive, filters, control systems… they all carry the same mark of quality: the Atlas Copco logo.

Second-hand Atlas Copco GA 45, GA 50, GA 55, GA 75 (all VSDFF) specifications

  • Used, second-hand, pre-owned
  • Oil-flooded, oil-injected
  • Air- cooled, water-cooled
  • Fixed speed, variable speed drive with built-in frequency inverter
  • Standard compressor packages, full feature units with built-in refrigerante dryer
  • Single-stage
  • Pressure range 7,5 Bar – 13 Bar

Used Atlas Copco compressors

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