Atlas Copco GA90VSDFF, GA110VSDFF, GA132VSDFF, GA160VSDFF, GA180VSDFF rotary screw air compressors

The fully optimized system

A multi-compressor installation can be centrally controlled, to achieve a tight pressure band and the lowest overall energy cost.

Energy recovery

Heat from the compression process can be recovered and put to good use in endothermic processes, heating of buildings etc.

The trouble-free installation & commissioning

An Atlas Copco GA compressor is truly plug-and-play. Put the machine on a flat floor, connect the power line and compressed air outlet… and push the start button.

The professional follow-up

An Atlas Copco Service Contract will assure you of the correct preventive maintenance, immediate response and genuine spare parts… all over the globe.

The integrated design

Internal pipping, integral air dryer, integrated Variable Speed Drive, 100% matched components, consolidated controls… they only way to ensure total reliability.

The complete solution

Compressors, dryers, drive, filters, control systems… they all carry the same mark of quality: the Atlas Copco logo.

Second-hand Atlas Copco GA 90, GA 110, GA 132, GA 160, GA 180 (all VSDFF) specifications

  • Used, second-hand, pre-owned
  • Oil-flooded, oil-injected
  • Air- cooled, water-cooled
  • Fixed speed, variable speed drive with built-in frequency inverter
  • Standard compressor packages, full feature units with built-in refrigerante dryer
  • Single-stage
  • Pressure range 7,5 Bar – 13 Bar

Second-hand Atlas Copco compressors

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